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on 03 July 2015
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Strouden Park Medical Centre (SPMC) is the first medical centre to house its own Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner actually onsite. The scanner is ideal for patients who suffer from claustrophobia as its design allows easy patient positioning with maximum comfort, minimal noise & no scary enclosed spaces! The scanner can be used for bones and soft tissue and specialises in extremity scans of hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles & knee which allows a more precise diagnosis than that of an x-ray.


The medical centre chose to invest in the MRI to ensure that their patients get quicker access to treatment for injuries, including trauma and sporting injuries* or for chronic conditions.

*As an ‘off-side-note’ for all you sporting fans (pardon the pun!), you may be interested to know that Dr Mufeed  Ni’Man, the practice GP, is the club Doctor for the newly promoted Premiership AFC Bournemouth so if in the unfortunate event one of our ‘Cherries’ gets an injury, they too will be seen by Dr Ni’Man.

To enquire about the competitive prices of treatment or for more information, please call on 01202 806064. Patients wishing to refer for MRI treatment can do so by completing an online MRI Referral Form which can be downloaded at

As you may know, SPMC is currently undergoing some fabulous renovations to include more patient services for us ‘locals’ to make use of such as Echo Cardiograms, Physio & Chiropractic services, Acupuncture, and Shockwave Therapy, to name but a few. The renovations should be complete at the end of July 2015 so keep an eye out as they will be hosting an Open Day towards the end of summer!

Strouden Park Medical Centre is now accepting New NHS patient registrations as well as private GP services. To register, please call on 01202 532253 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To view the location of Strouden Park Medical Centre or the Beauty Clinic – click on the ‘CONTACT US’ tab on this website.